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About us

Raydius GmbH is the issuer of turbo warrants that are listed on Spectrum – a multilateral trading facility (MTF).

We are based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Information for investors

As an issuer of securities we are required to publish the documents listed below, and we update them regularly to ensure they remain accurate and complete.

Base prospectus

Our turbo warrants are issued under a base prospectus. The base prospectus is designed to help you assess Raydius as an issuer of securities, including our financial position. It also sets out the key features of the turbo warrants we issue, explaining your rights and risks as an investor.

Download base prospectus

Product details and terms

Each turbo warrant that we issue has a unique international security identification number (ISIN), which is associated with the following documents:

  • Master data – an overview of a particular turbo warrant, showing static data plus regulatory and pricing information
  • Final terms and summary – covering the group of securities to which a turbo warrant belongs, for the duration of its existence
  • Key information document (KID) – specific to a single turbo warrant, and usually updated daily on trading days until the security is knocked out or redeemed
  • Notices – information about a turbo warrant’s status and availability

To view these documents for a particular turbo warrant, enter its ISIN in the search box above.


Contact us

Raydius GmbH
Westhafen Tower, Westhafenplatz 1, 60327 Frankfurt a. M., Federal Republic of Germany
phone: +49 69 4272 991 14 email: